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Scientific Researcher

  • Research & Education
  • 28 hours
  • Internal Medicine

  • Closing date 30-06-2021
  • 21.13.21.TD

Job description

This project will develop cell-based models to predict immunogenic and allergenic properties of (novel) proteins and products derived thereof. The models will be based on an existing adverse outcome pathway (AOP) analysis, and be validated by computational modelling of experimental, clinical and literature data of molecular events in allergic sensitisation. These models are intended to be used in food manufacturing focused on safety of the product for the potentially allergic and/or immune disbalanced individual. The proposal contributes directly to the mission “Circular agriculture (A)” of the joint Top Sectors Knowledge and Innovation Agenda. Sustainability considerations require the replacement of animal proteins by e.g. plant- or microbe-based alternatives, and stimulation of the valorisation of waste-streams from existing processes. This will result in guidance for the commercial use of ‘novel’-type proteins.
Translation to in vivo clinical-based parameters (i.e. relevance and predictability of the assay) is guaranteed by comparison of data-output from the in vitro sensitisation models (from research lines 2 and 3) with clinical parameters: skin prick test (SPT), and connecting to patient cohorts, and to healthy controls. To provide in vitro models that can be used to measure sensitisation profiles of novel allergens, first already known prediction models will be used. In literature such models exist for e.g. peanut and milk. As these models are often population-based, we will measure sensitisation in SPT to several allergens (e.g. peanut, milk) in a Dutch population, that is well characterized, and clinically allergic to these allergens as proven in a double-blind placebo-controlled food challenge. Blood samples (e.g. PBMC and serum) will be collected for several in vitro mediator release experiments and to provide ‘atopic’ immune cells for research lines 2 and 3. After validation of the models, these in vivo experiments will also measure the allergenic profile of the novel proteins. The Postdoc will develop clinical trial protocols, perform data management, and provide well-characterized patient blood samples to be used in in-vitro sensitization models.You will closely work together with a research nurse, at the department of Allergology/ Clinical Immunology.

Work environment

The Department of internal medicine is a large department with several research groups. The research group “Allergology and Clinical Immunology” focuses on aspects of diagnosis and therapy of diverse Immune related diseases. You will be a member of a team that consists of physicians, research nurses, basic scientists and clinical scientists.

Qualifications and skills

We are seeking candidates who are highly motivated and career-oriented with a strong background and track record in data management and analysis, preferably in medical research. An excellent publication record in a relevant research field demonstrates your expertise. You have excellent communication and writing skills. You are capable to work in a multidisciplinary team. The applicant must have a PhD in a Biology or Biomedical or Cell-biology or another related field.


Before you apply please check our conditions for employment.

Terms of employment

The monthly salary is based on scale 10, depending on your level of education and relevant experience. The terms of employment are in accordance with the Collective Bargaining Agreement for University Medical Centers (CAO UMC).

Information and application

For more information about this position, please contact please contact Associate Professor dr. Nicolette de Jong, Scientific researcher at the department of Internal medicine, section Allergology. Phone number: +31 (0)6  216 979 54. For queries regarding your application, please contact Jerry Chandansingh, Recruiter, by phone number: +31 (0)6 500 310 06.

If you are excited by the thought of this position and would like to apply, please do so by using the application form on our website.

No agencies please.

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